Merle Norman Forney

Array | 2018-11-30
It’s that time of the year and Merle Norman Cosmetics & Boutique of Forney was looking for a promotional video to emphasize their mission and show off some products for the holidays. Adam first had a meeting with Tina, owner of Merle Norman Cosmetics & Boutique of Forney to go...


Array | 2018-06-20
Here is a great website built for the football team at North Forney High School. The team, known as Goons, is helping to change the culture of the town with many in the town referring to it as Goonville, TX.

Mazda Promo Videos

Array | 2017-09-07
Wednesday this week, we published the TXGARAGE review of the 2017 Mazda MX-5 RF. We're begining to take the footage already shot for the review to create social media promo videos to help promote the review and the YouTube channel.

React JS on CodePen

Array | 2016-01-20
I've been working a lot more with newer React (v. 0.14.0) and writing components using ES2015 (ES6+) syntax with JS Classes and more. That, in conjunction to ReactDOM being split out of core React, a lot of things have changed. I've built some examples on CodePen using this newer way...

txGarage V6 Update

Array | 2015-08-15
This is the 6th major version of the txGarage website in its 8-years of existence. Version 5 of the website lived way beyond its usefulness but served its purpose nonetheless. In version 6 we finally have a fully responsive site that was built on a mobile first design. We've also...

Amanda Holtzinger Spa & Massage

Array | 2015-05-01
This website has been built to show off products and services offered by Amanda Holtzinger Massage and Spa. They needed a site that was steady and versatile, something they could easily add products and services to though an intuitive backend. They were looking for a modern and clean look that...

Playing with Knockout JS

Array | 2015-04-08
I recently had to do some work replacing some jQuery code with data binding Knockout code. When you are developing and app, using jQuery to do some simple interactions can be a quick and easy way to accomplish these tasks. Once your app gets big enough though you'll need something...

Reactjs Photo Gallery

Array | 2014-12-23
I'm still playing with React, from Facebook, and have been thinking about ways to learn more about the library. One of the best ways to learn something new is to start a project using that thing so that's what I've begun doing. I'm going to be working on many small...